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Midwest Legacy Beef

Legacy Herring + Beef

Legacy Herring + Beef

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Take your pet's meal to new heights with our new Legacy Herring blend. Fresh wild caught, bone-in Herring from the Great Lakes is the foundation of this dog and cat friendly blend. Premium, fresh white fish is combined with Midwest Legacy's signature 100% muscle beef and uniquely crafted beef organ mix creating a nutritionally rich, well-rounded feast your pet will love.

Legacy Herring + Beef Breakdown: 79% fresh wild caught bone-in herring, 7% beef muscle, 6% beef liver, 6% beef lung & 2% beef heart/spleen/kidney.

Wild & Fresh Bone-in Herring: with 79% wild fresh caught, bone-in herring, this blend has a robust source of high-quality protein. It contains naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which not only boost immunity and fight inflammation but can also help improve your pet’s skin and coat quality. Herring is also an excellent source of Vitamin D, vital to keep muscles, bones, and teeth healthy. 

Taurine: This unique raw blend is nutrient packed just as nature intended. The naturally occurring taurine in raw herring, muscle beef and beef organs, essential to your cat's vision, digestion, and heart muscle function, has not been cooked off and added back through supplementation.

Protein Boost: 7% beef muscle provides your dog or cat with a hearty helping of high-quality protein-- an essential part in muscle development, energy levels and overall vitality. 

Beef Liver: The addition of 6% of beef liver adds a natural nutrient-rich punch of vitamin A and B as well as essential minerals like iron to support a glossy coat, boosting energy and immune function. 

Beef Heart/Spleen/Kidney: Adding 2% organ mix to this blend supports your dog or cat's own heart health by naturally supplying them with a compound called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Use the chart below to understand how much Raw Beef your dog will consume on a daily & monthly basis. This chart is based on feeding 4% of your dogs weight daily. 4% is for a very active working dog. Feeding percentage will vary based on breed, age and activity level of your dog. A healthy range can be from 2-4% based on the criteria above.

 midwest legacy beef serving size chart with orange header and gray and white line

Cat Serving Chart

cat food feline serving chart for midwest legacy pollock and herring blends


 *serving per meal based on 2 meals a day

Every Dog is Different

While there are many dog owners that exclusively feed their dogs Midwest Legacy Beef products, we recognize that every dog's nutritional needs are different.

Midwest Legacy Beef can serve as the optimal base for more complex recipes. You can add blueberries, sweet potatoes, rice, or any other natural dog-safe ingredient you'd like.

Please consult with your veterinarian based on your dog's unique needs.

Packaging & Serving

Everything will be sent out frozen and tightly packed. Once you receive your order, simply freeze anything you don't plan on using immediately.

If any of your products arrive thawed or starting to defrost, this is perfectly fine and safe! You do not need to worry or panic. It is perfectly safe to thaw and re-freeze pet food.

When you are ready to feed your pup, simply pull the package out of the freezer 24 hours before, thaw, then serve!

If you have any questions about feed preparations, or thawing, please call 563.580.6299. We are here to help!

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges for all orders are $10.00 - $20.00 per case to most states depending on location.

Shipping Schedule

We ship our fresh, frozen dog food on Mondays.

Due to workforce and volume, orders must be placed before noon on Thursday (CST) in order to be shipped the following Monday.

Any orders received after noon on Thursday (CST) will go out a week from the following Monday.

We take the guess work out of shipping for you by offering auto-delivery subscriptions. Just sign up once, and we'll deliver your order every month.

Holiday Shipping

If a holiday lands any time during the week, we will still plan shipping that week. Shipments may either leave on Tuesday as a result of the holiday being Monday, or take an extra day to arrive if shipped on a Monday and the holiday is midweek (July 4th).

Holidays include: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day

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